Hall of Fame Application

The highest honor a member of the Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society can receive is induction into the KATS Hall of Fame (HOF). The KATS invites nominations of eligible and deserving candidates for this most prestigious honor to be recognized for their contributions to the profession of athletic training.

To be eligible for this award, any worthy individual, regardless of race, creed, sex, or physical disability, based on contributions to the athletic training profession who have brought distinction to KATS or been recognized as having given superior service to KATS.  All eligible candidates must have been a member of the NATA for at least twenty (20) years; and worked in the State of Kansas for at least five (5) years.

Nominations are submitted by any member of KATS through their Hall of Fame representative. The HOF representatives shall make up a committee chaired by the KATS public relations director. The purpose of this committee is to review all nominations for the KATS HOF and forward the names of not more than three (3) candidates to the KATS Executive Board for approval. In addition to the recommendation by the sponsor of the candidate, three (3) supportive letters of recommendation are to be included from:

(1) An employee (administrator, fellow staff athletic trainer, coach, etc.) from the nominee’s place of employment
(2) A Certified Athletic Trainer within the nominee’s region
(3) A Certified Athletic Trainer from outside the nominee’s region.

These letters should detail character of the individual and contributions which would make the nominee an appropriate choice for the KATS HOF.

There are three (3) HOF Regions in Kansas.

*Region One (1) shall be that portion of the state WEST OF SALINA, to INCLUDE Wichita.
*Region Two (2) shall be that portion of the state SOUTH OF INTERSTATE HIGHWAY 70, and
*Region Three (3) shall be that portion of the state NORTH OF INTERSTATE HIGHWAY 70 AND EAST OF SALINA, to INCLUDE Topeka.

The public relations chair shall distribute the recommendations to each HOF representative with a ballot to rank each individual nominee. The complete ballots shall be returned to the public relations director by January 15th. The Public Relations Director shall tally the ballots and report the results to the KATS President no later than January 31st. The Executive Board shall receive the total vote results for the three highest candidates prior to the KATS meeting at the March MAATA meeting. The Board will determine the number of nominees, not to exceed three (3). The individuals shall be formally inducted during the March KATS meeting, the following year. The inductees will be announced in the next KATS newsletter to the membership. The induction shall also be submitted to the MAATA News and to the NATA News.

Nominations forms will be made available through the HOF representatives and shall be returned with the 3 letters of recommendation to the KATS Public Relations Director prior to November 1st.




You may provide electronic answers to each of the following items and send the information directly to inspirehp@yahoo.com , or you may provide hard copy of the answers to A-F and send them by mail to Chris Fleming, ATC, LAT, AEMT, KATS Public Relations Director, 1302 N. Gow Street, Wichita, KS  67203.

Please address each of the following items as accurately as possible. List the lengths and dates all terms served, years of service per entry and the dates (Year only).  Please include your resume and photo (5X7 or 8X10 and Color or B &W).

  1. Service Directly to the Profession, at any level. (Includes offices held, committees and task forces, etc.)
  2. Volunteer services to athletic organizations, or appointments generally considered as honors. (Includes but not limited to Olympic trainer, trainer for AAU, USVBA, USA Track and Field, Special Olympics, state games, all star events, etc.)  Services that are beyond normal workplace duties. 
  3. Academic Achievements (Includes journal articles, research, Doctoral degree, international exchanges, and the like).
  4. Honors (Includes honors not listed above, honorary degrees, HOF inductions, distinguished service awards, and so forth). 
  5. Years of NATA Membership _______________ Years of KATS Membership_______________ 
  6. “Character Points” (Includes service to church and civic organizations, military honors or decorations, fraternal or service organizations, involvement in civic causes, etc.