Kansas Athletic Trainers In The Field

KATS Members and Students enjoying a full day of education at the 9th Annual KATS Sports Medicine Seminar on Sunday November 8th, 2015.





KATS P.R. Director Chris Fleming, ATC, LAT held a FREE “Training Room” hosted by Bodyworx Physical Therapy & First Gear Running Company in Wichita on Saturday November 7th, 2015.  The event was very successful, and Chris was able to evaluate and quickly treat over 20 people.


Southwestern College Athletic Training Program assisted the Prairie Fire Medical Team at the Fall Full Marathon on October 4th, 2015.


Phillip Vardiman, PhD, ATC from Manhattan, Kansas was selected as an Athletic Trainer for the 2015 USA Track and Field World Championship team. Dr. Vardiman, is the program director for the Athletic Training Program at Kansas State University and is joined in the picture with the other members of the Sports Medicine Staff.Track and Field WC

Tonganoxie High School was recently presented with an NATA First Team Safe Sports School Award.  Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins took time out of her schedule to come to Tonganoxie and present the award.

Tonganoxie SSSA

With a little grant writing, some generous community partners, and a very supportive administrative the Sports Medicine, Exercise Science and Health Careers Department at Olathe North High School received a New Medical Gator. Olathe North High School学習デスク セット コンパクト デスク FAIRY ※ライト&チェア別売 学習机 くみあわせデスク 組み合せデスク 組み替えデスク ■RWS
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