Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society Athletic Trainer of the Year Award

This individual has had a large impact on the athletic training profession in Kansas in the last year (dates evaluated are August 1-July 31). Examples of this impact may be through legislative efforts, advocacy, or other significant contributions to the organization. The KATS Athletic Trainer of the Year must be a current KATS member in good standing. KATS Athletic Trainer of the Year is selected annually by the KATS Executive Board. KATS members can make suggestions of qualified candidates to the Executive Board at any point through the year, but the Executive Board will decide the award winner. The Athletic Trainer of the Year will be announced and recognized at the KATS November Symposium.

KATS Athletic Trainer of the Year Award Recipients

2003 Scott Winslow
2004 Chris Fleming
2005 Steve Barrett
2006 N/A
2007 Michael Pelton
2008 Brad Perry
2009 David Carr
2010 Mark Stutz
2011 John Burns
2012 N/A
2013 Chris Fleming
2014 Murphy Grant
2015 David Fitzhugh
2016 Phil Vardiman
2017 John Burns
2018 Mark Padfield
2019 Mark Cairns
2020 Richard Bomgardner
2021 Karen Garrison
2022 Erin Washington
2023 Robin Rivers