MAATA District Award for Annual Meeting

The MAATA recognizes members who make extraordinary contributions to the athletic training profession and association at the MAATA Annual meeting. Nomination information for all MAATA awards can be found here.

Award & Application Information

Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society MAATA Award Recipients

MAATA Hall of Fame

1994 Charles Cramer, Frank Cramer, Dean Nesmith
1995 Alfred Ortolani, AT Ret
1998 John Baxter, MS, LAT, ATC
2009 Lynn C. Bott, MS, ATC, LAT
2014 Bernadette Louise Olson, EdD, AT, ATC
2017 Steven Barrett, MS, ATC, LAT


Dr. Denis Izzy Isrow Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award

2019 Mark Padfield, MS, LAT, ATC
2020 Dr. David Fitzhugh Phd, LAT, ATC, Paramedic, I/C
2022 The Entire MAATA Membership
2023 Justin Clark, LAT, ATC


MAATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award

2021 Mark Cairns, LAT, ATC
 2022  Dr. Phillip Vardiman, PhD, LAT, ATC


MAATA Athletic Training Service Award

 2022  Karen Garrison, MA, LAT, ATC


The Denise Fandel Award for Advocacy and Diversity



MAATA Athletic Training Educator of the Year Award

2019 John Phillip Vardiman, PhD, ATC


MAATA Young Professional's Distinction Award

2021 Caitlin Truhe, MS, LAT, ATC
2022 Jamie Blackim, MS, LAT, ATC