NATA National Awards

There are a variety of awards bestowed each year to worthy members of the NATA, each with their own unique requirements, application, review processes, timelines and recognition efforts. These awards include: Hall of Fame (HOF), Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer (MDAT), Athletic Trainer Service Award (ATSA), Eve Becker-Doyle Leadership Award, and the Gail Weldon Award of Excellence. Fellows, Jack Weakley Award of Distinction, and Honorary Membership have separate applications. Nomination information for all NATA awards can be found here.

Awards & Application Information

Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society NATA Award Recipients

NATA Hall of Fame

1962 Charles Cramer
1962 Frank Cramer
1971 Dean Nesmith
1992 Alfred Ortolani, AT Ret
2010 Lynn C. Bott, MS, ATC, LAT

NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award

2005 Lynn C. Bott, MS, ATC, LAT
2011 Bernadette Louise Olson, EdD, AT, ATC
2013 Brian E. Conway, ATC
2019 John Phillip Vardiman, PhD, ATC

NATA Service Award

2013 Steven Barrett, MS, ATC, LAT
2015 John Phillip Vardiman, PhD, ATC
2015 David K. Fitzhugh, PhD, ATC, NRP
2020 John Burns, MS, LAT, ATC

Honorary Membership

1997 Walter Byers
1999 Hugh Grubiss